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Acco Rexel 1400 Shredder

Acco Rexel has the shredder model to meet your main office needs at a great value. The Acco Rexel 1400 series is a high-performance shredder with a capacity large enough for most organisations. The 80-litre bin means far less time spent disposing of rubbish. Its sophisticated features include the illuminated display panel and thermal overload protection to enhance usability.

Perhaps more than anything else, the tandem of fast throughput and quiet operation sets it apart from other common office shredders. Why allow some awkward clunker to stall productivity in your workplace? What is the cost of a noisy disruption robbing the peace in your office? Make the Acco Rexel 1400 series your office shredder. It even comes with a two-year warranty.

The Acco Rexel 1400 series of shredders comes in four different combinations of speed versus security level. Choose your specific variation based on your individual security needs. Does your organisation process top-secret data or just somewhat sensitive information? Refer to the table below for details.

Acco Rexel 1400 Shredder

1400 Series

1400 S2

1400 S3

1400 S4

1400 S5

Security Level 2 3 4 5
Cut Type Stripcut Crosscut Crosscut Crosscut
Shred Size (mm) 3,8 3,8 x 50 1,9 x 15 0.8 x 11
Bin Sheet Capacity 940 980 1020 1060
No. of Sheets Per Pass 28 20 11 9
Product Dimensions (mm) 695x440x320 695x440x320 695x440x320 695x440x320
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