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Rexel Promax Shredder

Put the most advanced business technology to use in your own home office! The Promax shredder makes quick work of your inportant documents without pressing any buttons! Simply insert loose sheets into the easy-access entry slot and it starts and stops automatically with a reverse feature in case of a paper jam. It will also destroy credit cards adding even more versatility. View our full range Acco Rexel Paper Shredders.

With all this power, will it sound like a revving engine? Not a chance! Its state-of-the-art motor is ultra quiet compared to common paper shredders. Its hum is as smooth as its design. That’s not the only advanced technology working for you. With the built-in compactor, you won’t waste time dumping the bin more often than you ought to, nor will you waste any space on an oversized shredder. The 23-litre bin holds over 200 A4 sheets and features a static plate the holds them tidily in place until its time to empty, to make the most of every square millimetre and not spill shreds on the floor when its time to empty.

The Acco Rexel Promax is available in ribbon-style cutting for greater speed (shreds 8 sheets at a time) or confetti-style cutting for more thorough destruction and greater security (shreds 5 sheets at a time). Both machines come with the Rexel two-year warranty.

The Promax Shredder is also known as the Promax V60WS and the Promax V65WS . The Promax V60WS is the stripcut version while the V65WS is the crosscut version.


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