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Acco Rexel CB356 Comb Binder

If your are searching for a quality binding machine with features that give you excellent results every time then the CB356 comb binder from Acco Rexel is just the machine.

This robust manual comb binder is ideal for the office and should you need it to bind a large amount of material into one professional looking document then the Acco Rexel CB356 comb binder can do just that. It is capable of punching up to 25 sheets at a time and binding as many as 450 pieces of paper into a handy bound booklet – which is the largest bind capacity of any Acco Rexel binding machine.

The CB356 has a unique new design to make binding easier, a new ‘document separator’ and a brilliant ‘auto centering system’ so you have perfect punching and professionally bound documents every time!

There is also a new simple click for fingertip control of the comb opening. The CB 356 truly is an easy to use office comb binder. Simple lift the lid and punch handle to the upright position; check the comb size (mm) needed using the paper thickness guide; turn the comb selector (located at the side of the machine) until the number matches your comb size (6 - 25+ mm), push the separator into the document and lift it upwards to reveal the first stack of paper ready for easy punching.

The manually operated CB 356 weighs 10.45kg and comes with a 2 yrs parts & labour guarantee. Order the Acco Rexel CB 356 comb binder today. If you would like the electric version which has the same punch and binding capacity , but weighs 4kgs more due to its electric motor , then order the Acco Rexel CB 356E today from ABT.

The CB 356 and CB356E are the largest Acco Rexel comb binding machines currently available. If you are interested in this binding machine you may also be interested in the multi functional Acco Rexel 406.

Rexel CB 356
Rexel CB356E
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