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Acco Rexel Heavy Duty Staplers

Heavy duty staplers are purpose built for high usage environments where large quantities of paper need to be stapled together. Heavy duty staplers are very robust and have a stapling capacity of between 100 and 250 sheets of 80gsm paper.
Heavy duty staplers are manufactured with tough metal construction and usually have extra long lever arms enabling the user to apply maximum force for stapling thicker documents.

Below are some of the heavy duty staplers from Acco Rexel that we recommend.

Mercury Heavy Duty Stapler

Mercury Heavy Duty Stapler

Able to staple from 20-120 sheets the mercury heavy duty stapler is made from durable die cast metal and come with an elegant handle and base. Other features include a quick and easy jam release button, easy pull out reference guide, and adjustable paper depth.
This front push button loading stapler is available from ABT at £59.

Acco Rexel Apollo HD Stapler

The Rexel Apollo is a powerful rear staple loading hand operated stapler made of durable die cast metal which staples up to 180 sheets of 80gsm paper and uses No. 23 staples in various leg lengths. It also has an adjustable paper depth guide and is available from ABT for just £65.

Acco Rexel Giant HD Stapler

Available in red or grey the Giant heavy duty stapler from Acco Rexel can staple up to 100 sheets of paper. It is reliable and easy to use and manually rear loads up to 100 No: 66 staples. It has a throat depth of 0-99mm and is available from ABT at £59.

Acco Rexel Goliath Heavy Duty Stapler

This all metal chassis heavy duty stapler with contoured plastic handle cover and adjustable paper guide has a stapling capacity of up to 100 sheets of 80gsm paper.
The Goliath Stapler is available online at ABT for only £34

Acco Rexel Goliath Heavy Duty Stapler

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