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Acco Rexel Large Office Shredders

Acco Rexel large office shredders are typically used in a business office setting of multiple people and are made to withstand the rigors of daily office use by tearing through stapled documents and paper clips with ease.

Large office shredders usually are required to shred frequently or continuously throughout the day and destroy such items as business data, financial information, sales reports, personnel records and continuous form reports.

Acco Rexel large office shredders have a quiet operation which makes these shredders ideal for a common area in an office. They are made to blend into an office environment, and come in either strip cut or higher security crosscut models, which reduce sensitive paper documents into mere confetti.

Large Office Shredders

ABT supply a range of Acco Rexel large office shredders.

The Acco Rexel 4000s shredder is recommended by ABT for large offices. It is a high performance office shredder designed to be easy to use, quiet to operate and to have a fast throughput. Equipped with solid steel cutting heads for strength and reliability, this large office shredder is very robust and fully mobile, and perfect for the large office. It has a large paper entry throat of 420mm wide, so it can accept the standard A4 size document as well as A3 and computer listing paper. It has an extra large bin of 142 litres, something you need when shredding regularly.

It comes in a variety of security levels as well as both strip cut and cross cut versions.

The Acco Rexel 4000 s2 shredder comes in two strip cut sizes and both models are DIN 2 security level shredders. The difference between the two shredder models is that the 4000 s2/4 is able to shred 28 sheets of A4 paper per pass into thinner , and slightly more secure strips of 3.8mm wide whereas the 4000 s2/6 can handle more sheets at a time (up to 36) but the strip cut width is slight wider at 5.8mm. Both shredders retail at the same price. Click here to view more info about the Acco Rexel 4000s24 or the Acco Rexel 4000 s26

The next model up is the Acco Rexel 4000 s3 shredder. Able to shred up to 22 sheets at a time this DIN 3 large office shredder cross cuts documents into 3.8x50mm confetti like pieces.

Should you wish to have an even more secure shredder with a higher level of confidentiality then the Acco Rexel 4000 s4 offers you a cross cut shred of just 1.9x15mm, making it very difficult for anyone to piece a document back together. This higher security shredder will shred fewer sheets (up to 14) but it gives you a much higher level of security (DIN 4).

Acco Rexel Large Office Shredder

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