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Acco Rexel Shredder Bags

It is important to choose shredder bags that fit your shredder well. Shredders, especially cross cut shredders produce a lot of paper dust .Well-fitting bags collect waste better and are easier to remove. Replacing shredder bags in time also helps to keep shredder mess to a minimum.

Acco Rexel shredder bags come in all sizes and are especially made to fit the model of Acco Rexel shredder you own.

ABT sells shredder bags for all the Acco Rexel Shredders we supply and are essential for keeping a clean and tidy workspace.

Most of our shredder bags come in quantities of 100 and considering the amount of paper a shredder can shred and store in the waste bin, an order of shredder bags should last you a long time, as well as save you a lot of hassle.

Shredder waste sacks start at less than 30p a shredder bag, and you can order online or view more information about our range of shredder bags here.

Shredder waste sack | Shredder Bags

Select your shredder bags from our Acco Rexel range. You will find waste sacks for every model of shredder we stock. Click the link to order your Shredder Bags or to view our range.


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